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This is a compilation of all VRIL material pre-2015, and is VRIL's debut full-length release.

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released April 20, 2015

Recorded/mixed/mastered by Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital recording studio in Los Angeles.
Art by Nico Filoseta
VRIL is:
Dominick Larocca
Taylor Jewell
Zach Rosenblatt
Nico Filoseta

Lyrics by Nico Filoseta, Taylor Jewell, Dominick Larocca, Kieran Harden (Weeds, Waves)



all rights reserved


VRIL Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: 100,000
Feelings so mutual
They cut into flesh

The mind is too frail to hold onto thoughts
So I twiddle my fingers until I lie dead

Solutions not earned
Solutions not welcome

While I lie breathless
I die with a smile while my ghost sets forth

Soldier of the night
Marching straight on
Sunken set eyes
Our howls filled

Nobody knows the things that I know
Nobody knows the fear that I know x2

Reach through the fog, one with the dark
Sit by the fire, stare with death

Splintered bones
Earth tamed spirit
Early haunts, desire once lost
Cavern dweller

Dance in the fire x3
Rise with

Unlock the strength that your vessel couldn’t carry
Everything that you hoped for
Rest your head on my lap
These days layered in past
Hopes not given, hope is earned
Rest your head on my lap
These are days we’ll never get back

Dance in the…
Dance in the…
Track Name: Weeds, Waves
To see clear
Draw in
Drift away

Cringing at the thought
At everything that I’m not
Waves crash over to keep me safe
From the weeds who’ve grown that keep me in place

Torn walls and windows shattered
The light breaks through the cracks

And I feel
My life
Take shape
In my hands

Living through these lies
With hands over my eyes
Each and every day
Is one more step away
It's one more step away
Track Name: Kaleidoscopes & Perception
I won’t stress my eyes
Blurry visioned world
Were my sight just won’t comply

Sad at the thought that I won’t see you grow
Because in the end everything must go

Living all alone
In a home I’ll never know

Knowing that I’ll never care for
Your children when you’ve gotten older

Looking inside to find the thrill of youth
I’d be living a lie if I had raised you in the old ways
I know that your fine, but I want to be sure
I know that your fine, but you’re the only son I have

I’ll be stone if it means that you’ll know
That forever I’ll be here to listen to your woes
I’ll lay under the earth and become x2

A forest where you can be alone
To isolate when you’re feeling low
Just look up and reclaim this feeling

Living all alone

You know that I’m here x3
For now
Track Name: Thoughts Divide Us
Everyone I’ve cared for
Now has nothing to live for

With false roots keeping me here
What could I do but stare

At everything that stood in place
While you moved forward into space

What does it matter?
When everything matters
That ignorance was truly bliss

Head down
Eyes low

You spoke of life like it were a weed
Corrupting and spreading is that what you truly need

Austere strains of
Concern me none
Continue on your fabricate journey
Like a snake I’ll slither out of skin into the dark

I am conscious

Id follow your tracks but they’re buried
Your buried
Scratching at the coffin wood, I’m swallowed by the dirt

Stable lives
Are fabled lives

Stable until drenched with regret
Blind; contrived
Thoughtless; forgiven
I vanish from here

Stare at you’re your feet
Deny your trust

Knowing that you’ll cease
It comes from the hearth a titan of the earth

The creatures you think worship you

Fix your gaze
Bright from underneath, bright from underneath

Thoughts divide us all

You’ll know when you know
That enough is enough
Track Name: Disillusion/Unveil

It’s good to be free from all these illusions
All these intrusions I kept in a secret

I don’t feel fine most of the time
I see things so clearly, yet morbid and dreary

As the shadow comes to sit behind me

Hushed whisper, sharp mutters
We talked of leaves falling from where we hailed

I have no home to belong to
This empty feeling fills my void with clarity and I feel so alive

Someday we’ll come to terms with our distorted site, our imperfect verbs

You have kept me shrouded in a cloak of confusion
And I want, I want out


Unsheathe your tongue
Give me your word of truth

Using these wards to shield
My heart from this curse

We watched the world change
While our love stayed the same

You trimmed the tree to a twig
Now I can see the nest

Reaching into the veil
Floating into the void
Where we’ll stay

Unknown, kept in disbelief
Drowned by the creek
Where we used to meet
As life wavered into the sea

Windows opened
The birds chimed in

I finally felt free
I finally know me

I don’t know
I don’t see

Rest my bones
Hold me close
Track Name: Post Abstraction
Slept in a rib cage
Vultures commit to me
My crowded teeth have left their gums
my skins to dry too write on

Holding my breath
Maybe I’ll die
Cancerous lung killing me from the inside

What do we do when
Everything falls apart
Your left here to rot in the ground
Feel nothing close to your heart
Completely devoid of
Emotions high you will not swing by

We can make or break this swim
Nothing said has ever made sense
We’ve completely dried up the pond
Finally we are around
To keep this all from coming down
This house we built out on the water

Lightning strike twice in the same place
I’m not afraid to roam on all fours
Teeth bared at the unknown foe
Teeth bared

Let the flowers bloom
And the sky turn shades of blue
The trees have all returned
And the giants roam the earth

Don’t forget
Track Name: Sun Gods
I’m left without a sun
Where its rays feel light as dew
Lighting up the shimmering veil
Maiden pure and aery frail
That the spiders wove to hide
Blushes of
When I’m here
Under your smile
When I’m here
I feel at ease

Rise like the evening moon
Your soft light spreads into my pores
You remain in belief

In the tangled grove where I belong
Of the living tree that’s spirit and soul
Stripped of all the leaves
We continue to climb the reach
No more life
No more love
We know more
We’ve done well
Remember when life was fun
While we lived here under the sun

Now I remember
When everything was fine
And we lived here under the

Don’t you forget
About when we laughed, singing while staring at the

When we all smiled
I couldn’t help but cry
We were so alive

staring at the sun
staring at the sun