No Traditions


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released December 16, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Rollie Ulug
Mastered by Brad Boatright
Artwork by Daniel Torres



all rights reserved


VRIL Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: General Consensus
limbs dried up, frail spine hunched
under weight of
raised to believe that my self worth is based on
who loves me and not how much I love myself
power lines, street signs
strip malls, billboards, suburban waste

don’t lose sight
I’m trying

don’t lose sight
we’re all trying to get by
sex, escapism, temporary fixes fill a hole made
by a false sense of what success really means
we’re at war with ourselves and each other instead of
the systemic oppression preventing us from
living our true freedom
stop using
stop abusing
stop consuming
partying is a fucking waste of time
Track Name: Sentimental Longing For The Past
close the blinds, shut my eyes
grind my teeth until dust remains
nights are dire for minds like mine
what did I do
I don’t deserve nightmares anymore
trapped in a corpse
sweat through pores
sleep, relief
scarred by dreams
thread forms knots
grasp violent thoughts
mindful shell under weight
exhaust selfish traits
ceaseless restlessness give way to dawn
I just need a good night’s sleep that I hope I never wake from
Track Name: Grawlixes
content with four walls of confinement
wasting life for greed and deep pockets
passion for work so heartless
drown out your insufferable noise
with the cure. fill my ears to keep sane
it’s hard to smile when everyone and
everything is sickening
blind obedience, fall into the fold
march in lockstep, into your death
doubt floods my veins
I don’t need you. my life is too safe
I don’t want you
doubt floods through my
spend each day wondering if I’ve succumbed
to comfort and security
strapped to a desk, kept from daylight
what is the point. is it worth it
Track Name: No Traditions
I can’t live up to your standard of living
all I can say is I’m sorry
I’m not sorry
never get married
and I’ll never have children
never act my age
you think I have a deathwish
I’m more alive than anyone else
Track Name: Dispirit
you treat me like a child
would a child slit your throat
thoughts so rational, I’m better on my own
losing control, lose all respect
how does it feel to be rejected
I’m glad I amuse you. Tell me again who I am
how I should act, think, feel
you’re always right. I’m always wrong
I’m not your joke
I’ve never felt so alone
re-wire your head. you’ve been misled
I can’t be polite. I can’t keep it inside
I’m not an object
not a game, not a sport
fuck your coercion
my ears bleed, my fists shake
suffering through your words
I’m not yours. never was
rip out my ears, punch through the walls
I’m not yours
rip out my ears, punch through the walls
Track Name: Sanpaku
nothing will last forever
when we left flowers on the freeway
paint on our hands, on our clothes
took back the city while they were sleeping
bruised, bitten, deprived
alive. it was a lie
no friends, freedom, self
the world revolves around senses,
pleasure, all consumed
thoughts still return to you
closeness breeds contempt
until nothing’s left
stress collapsed disease
propagate face, eyes, back
cut the cord, release dead weight
give me life that just wont dull
fuck your entitled selfishness
you don’t care. I’m still here
how did I ever live like this
manipulated. I can’t take it
fuck your entitled selfishness
you don’t care. but I’m still here
I lived before you and I’ll thrive long after
give me a life that wont dull